Hardeep was born in 1977 in the city of Farum just outside of Copenhagen. His parents had emigrated from India in the early 70`s. During his childhood Hardeep experienced many challenges being a “foreigner” in Denmark – a so-called “second generation immigrant”. The many challenges at school, at home as well as difficult times as a Danish born “foreigner” challenged and developed Hardeep as a human being. The early years made him strong and able to cope with new challenges as an adult. Many of his struggles in life has been used as fuel to achieve goals – from previously in creating an exciting music career and up to today in the quest to become one of the most exciting inspirational speakers worldwide.


Early in life Hardeep developed an interest for music. At the age of only six years he began playing different instruments, especially the drums caught his attention. Later, he started to put words together for fun as an imitation of some of his favorite rap groups.

When Hardeep was 17 he decided to chase the dream of success in the music industry. It was hard work with many bumps on the road. Many friends and family members did NOT believe in Hardeeps vision, but he always did so himself. He held on to his vision and dreams and after 12 years of hard work, he succeeded in 2008 with the group Overseas, becoming the biggest selling international group in India!

Hardeep has performed for live audiences counting up to 30 thousand fans and more than 200 million TV viewers have seen him perform worldwide in countries like United Kingdom, Dubai, India and Denmark.

But his music success was given an abrupt end as he got captured in the music industry’s ruthless corporate world, cheated out of royalties and exploited by both record label and management. The harsh treatment slowly put out the “fire” that had sparked life to Hardeep’s musical creativity which ultimately led to leaving the music industry for good.

The downfall

The consequence of this betrayal was incredibly painful for Hardeep, both mentally and physically. He experienced both stomach ulcers and depression as of this.

For three years Hardeep found himself in a dark place mentally where no light was in sight. Hardeep was aware that he did not live up to his fullest potential, and eventually he slowly began to gather strength to stand up to prove to himself and the outside world that there was more personal power left in him. A former boss of Hardeep’s introduced the concept of “motivational speaking” from the United States with these words: “Hardeep, I know many leaders in the business world, but I have never met a man who can inspire me like you do”. This became a door-opener to a whole new world and to a new beginning in life for Hardeep.


Today the fire burns again – in an altogether new and more powerful way. Hardeep has a burning desire to reach out to people with inspiration and life-affirming messages that have a “real life” quality. He holds the same determination and focus in his passion to inspire people and organizations as he did when he sky-rocketed on the music charts in India. After only few years as a fulltime inspirational speaker, he is now widely acclaimed as one of the top speakers in Denmark.

Motivating and Inspiring

Hardeep’s speaks are influenced by his own rich life experiences, multicultural understanding, journeys around the world, spiritual wisdom and passionate approach to life. He has an altogether unique ability to speak straight from the heart – to the hearts of the people listening. He lectures either in Danish or in English and always maintains an international approach to the challenges we face on a personal and professional level today.

Hardeep will inspire others to fight for their dreams and visions and make it clear that we all must take responsibility for our lives. His lectures make use of the struggles he himself had to overcome in life and the effort to rise from the ashes and take responsibility for ones own life. He talks about the struggle against the limitations that stop many people setting new goals in life and living out their dreams. The overwhelming positive response Hardeep has received from schools, professional sport teams and the business world has motivated him to dedicate his life to inspire others everywhere in the world.