” In FC Midtjylland , we recently had Hardeep visiting – he made an impression! A strong and lasting impression . The Superliga team, our talent academy and all of our employees in the sports sector were in place in Ikast Bio.

We got a completely authentic performance which was imbued with passion , vigor , energy, and especially knowledge on how one can grow as a person, group or business. A combination of personal experience peppered with examples from performance culture created a magical morning in Ikast. We still carry Hardeeps talk with us in our hearts and in our minds every day. We highly recommend Hardeeps skills to others. You will not be sorry. It is not the last time we see Hardeep in FC Midtjylland.”

Glen Riddersholm, Head Coach Football Club FC Midtjylland.

I have never in my life been caught as intensely by a speaker as when Hardeep began his lecture. I wish that everyone had the opportunity to meet this unique person, because he can really put life in perspective. 20 minutes after this amazing lecture was finished, I decided that I must share this experience and therefore I started calling all the connections I have in my circle. I strongly believe that as many people as possible should have the opportunity to hear Hardeep live, not only athletes but anyone who wants to live life to the fullest and needs inspiration and motivation to go for it.

David Toni Lindholm Nielsen, Youth Chairman, BK Union Football Club

It was a great experience for my team and me to hear Hardeep speak . His presentation was interesting, lively and varied in both pace and content. The players’  reaction has subsequently been impressive. There is no doubt the that Hardeep’s talk has motivated and inspired them to pursue their dreams. Dreams that for some can seem impossible, but for my players, now are realistic goals.

Kristian Mørch, Head Coach U17, B93 Football Club, and coach at Team Copenhagen

Hardeep, in your role as Motivational and Mental coach you have a huge impact on me and the other members including young people, adults and the top boxers. You have a fantastic ability to get my boxers to put in the extra work that is needed at the elite level!

Brian Lentz - 7 x Danish Champion/ Nordic Champion/ Olympic Boxer and Head Trainer in BBK Boxing Club Copenhagen.

Hardeep, you have been a huge help for me. You strengthen the  connection between my mental condition and my physical form. Working with you makes me perform at 110 procent.

Landry Kore - Zealand Champion, Boxing 2013.

Once again, thank you for the presentation. It was really appreciated.

Niclas Ljung, Director of Scandinavian Operations, Scandinavian Student & Sports Services