-It’s your life – your only life
-The human factor!
-It’s never too late!
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All lectures will be carefully tailored to the customer after a conversation and analysis of the organization.


Based on his own life story Hardeep talks about why it is important to pursue your dreams in life, about how we can set goals and work to achieve them.
The idea is to explore your full potential by understanding how unique and large our lives are and what we can accomplish in life by pursuing our dreams.
Hardeep will provide examples of how we can take responsibility and take control over our lives without letting our dreams disappear due to limitations, many of us are influenced by. But it requires that we fight for it. This fight has been fought by Hardeep himself; in his school to get an education and feel accepted in society and to be successful in the music industry. When he hit rock bottom, and he fought his way up again and have now chosen to use his communicational skills in a new way.
An hour with Hardeep contains personal stories, key points on how to make visions become a reality and audience involvement.
It is an inspiring hour of wisdom and dedication presented with a heartfelt passionate approach to making a positive difference in your life.


Success does not come by itself without the will to achieve it! Whether it is the employees of the company or management, it is about having the will to succeed.
The desire for a good salary is not enough to beat the competition. There MUST be a desire that the teamwants to be the best, and an understanding that you as an individual have an influence on the overall result.
Sometimes it is necessary to inspire employees or your colleagues and give them a wake up call. And here comes Hardeep Dhanjal! He will not uses any power points, no assignments to the audience, just pure passion and energy that is contagious!
Does your company need a strong energy charge with vigor ? Get motivation and inspiration from one of the most intense speakers, Hardeep will give your team an experience you will not forget.
The lecture can be angled for both employees and managers.


This lecture is created with a focus on elite sport teams and high performance leadership!
An intense lecture that has it´s focus on the “price” that has to be paid for being among the best. Hardeep will explain about the process from his personal  life experience from time up to Hardeep goes number 1 on the charts in India after 12 years of hard work, focus and extreme dedication.
Hardeep also tells how he managed in just a few years, being named among the best speakers in Denmark.
Hardeep talks about what decisions you need to take to reach the highest level.
What does it mean to have the hunger and to be obsessed by the vision, to be dedicated, to have discipline.
Hardeep talks about the understanding of the “battle” – and there MUST be a battle – to achieve the goal.
How to build great confidence through hard work and constant focus on getting better.

It’s NEVER too late!

This lecture is created for people who feel that they are “stuck” in life.
This may be young people in disadvantaged areas, the unemployed, prisoners, people with addiction.
The speak is about on how to let go of negative thoughts.
Being able to analyze his or her own thoughts, and assess whether your actions benefit or harm one’s situation.
How to get rid off negative energy, and find strength in themselves.
Hardeep talks about the process you MUST go through to change your situation.
The focus is on the tough decisions in life that must be taken to achieve once vision.
Hardeep will help to find the courage to make your dreams and visons a reality.


To book Hardeep please contact PR Management:
tel: +45 23 20 23 16

Events in 2017/18

This calendar only show some of the speaks of 2017/18

  • 2018
  • TDC 28 Aug. 
  • International College 9 Aug. 
  • The Whole Company 8 june.
  • Lindberg International 7 june.
  • Ørsted Wind Power 30 may.
  • Danske Bank 24 may. 
  • Leadership Germany 3 may.
  • DCC Energi 20 april. 
  • VL Group 18 april.
  • TEDx Talk 14 april.
  • Copenhagen City 17 marts.
  • Dialab 8 marts.
  • Sephora 8 marts.
  • Teachers seminar 23 feb. 
  • Yousee retail 7 feb.
  • Leadership Conference feb.
  • Keynote 2 feb.
  • Pepsi 25 jan. 
  • Youse 24 jan.
  • ISS Ledership Conference 23 jan. 
  • Storstrøm insurance 17 jan. 
  • Danske Bank 16 jan. 
  • Nets Denmark 12 Jan
  • College of Aalborghus 9 Jan. 
  • Vestergaard 2 Jan.
  •  2017
  • Jobcenter in Haderslev 13 dec.
  • Rosenlund Skolen 30nov.
  • Nykredit Leasing 13 nov.
  • Children and youth 9 nov.
  • Kerteminde School 4 nov.
  • Teachers Organisation 3 nov.
  • Aabenraa Career day 31 oct.
  • Telia Denmark 26 oct.
  • Sorø Cityhall 25 oct.
  • Gribskov Boarding School 24 oct.
  • Kalundborg city 24 oct.
  • Tryg Insurance 13 oct.
  • Skyum Sports School 12 oct.
  • Albertslund 10 oct.
  • College of Vejle oct.
  • Nets Denmark 2 oct.
  • Copenhagen Marriott Hotel 30 sep.
  • Danske Bank 29 sep. 
  • Riss nursing home 28 sep. 
  • Tønder VUC 28 sep. 
  • Assens Youth 21 sep.
  • Helsingør Youth 20 sep.
  • Guldborgsund Cityhall 15 sep.
  • Skanderborg 14 sep.
  • Social Teachers 11 sep.
  • Ølgod Parents day 3 sep.
  • Sports Gymnasium 1 sep.
  • Skandia  31 aug.
  • Yousee 26 aug.
  • Dong 22 aug.
  • International Business College 21 aug.
  • VUC South 9 aug. 
  • Carl Ras 10 Jun.
  • 50 Thinkers network 10 may.
  • Brøndby IF Football 10 may.
  • Business surprise keynote 2 may.
  • Albertslund 28 april.
  • Network Denmark 25 april.
  • Vejle school 19 april
  • Handball pro liga 18 april.
  • College Albertslund 6 april.
  • Fyns Business Network 30 march.
  • Stibo systems Partner Conference 30 march.
  • Hjørring Idrætsforening 20 march. 
  • Haderslev VUC 6 march.
  • Cult A/S 2 march. 
  • Gribskov 9 feb. 
  • Skyum Athletic School 1 feb. 
  • School Leadership Association 27 Jan. 
  • UCN Hjørring 17 jan.
  • Aalborg College 16 jan.
  • College Vejle, 13 jan.
  • Business Keynote Speak, 13 jan. 
  •  2016
  • Danish Lawyer Association, 7 dec.
  • Tårnby 6 dec.
  • Network Denmark 25 nov.
  • Nordvesthuset 19 nov.
  • Wella Denmark, 11 nov. 
  • DUSK-net, 5 nov.
  • Speakerclub Copenhagen 1 nov.
  • Speakerclub Århus 25 oct.
  • Innercity youth Copenhagen 12 oct.
  • Høje Taastrup College, 11 oct.
  • Athena Conference, 6 oct. 
  • IBC Kolding, 4 oct.
  • Aabenraa College, 3 oct. 
  • Little Big Help Charity, 1 oct.
  • Brøndby Hallen, 27 sept.
  • Nørbæk Bording school, 24 sept.
  • Fredensborg Kommunne, 22 sept.
  • Skandia, 16 sept. 
  • Fredensborg Kommunne, 15 sept.
  • Albertslund, 12 sept.
  • Dansk Standard, 8 sept.
  • Ølgod Bording School, 4 sept.
  • Hotel Absalon, 1 sept.
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), 26 aug.
  • DSB, 26 aug.
  • DSB, 25 aug.
  • Helsingør youthschool, 17 aug.
  • Momentum Academy, 17 aug.
  • Udvikling Assens Networking, 16 aug.
  • Ringsted Music & School of Culture, 11 aug.
  • Christinelystskolen, Lemvig, 2 aug.
  • Teachers in Gribskov Kommune, 28 juni.
  • Skovvangskolen, 21 juni.
  • Privat arrangement, 9 apr.
  • Skolen ved Bülowsvej, Frederiksberg, 2 apr.
  • Nykredit Bank, Finance, 31 marts.
  • EUC Syd college, 29 marts.
  • School leader Conference, 10 marts.
  • Center for pedagogisk udvikling, 25 feb.
  • Hendensted Kommune, 24 feb.
  • University College Nordjylland, 18 feb.
  • Ishøj Gymnasium CPH West, 10 feb.
  • Knord Lyngby college, 25 jan.