Hardeep delivered a super speak for the management team in Group Finance. full of energy and just what we needed after a long day of meetings. There was really alot of “food for thought”.

Helle Fink, Danish Bank

At FC Midtjylland , we recently had Hardeep visiting – he made an impression! A strong and lasting impression. The Pro team, our talent academy and all of our employees got a completely authentic performance which was full of passion, vigor, energy, and especially knowledge, on how one can grow as a person, group or business. A combination of personal experience peppered with examples from performance culture, created a magical morning in Ikast.

We still carry Hardeeps talk with us in our hearts and in our minds every day. We highly recommend Hardeeps skills to others. You will not be sorry. It is not the last time we see Hardeep in FC Midtjylland.

Glen Riddersholm, Head Coach Football Club FC Midtjylland.

Thanks to Hardeep for a captivating, energetic and meaningful talk that got 240 head teachers to see dreams materialize on stage. Hardeep delivered a powefull speak. He give us hope that we can reach our goals if we want to. We were touched and got goose bumps of Hardeeps life story. I can only give Hardeep my best recommendation – book him.

Hans Frøslev Jensen, Head of the School, Center for Schools and Daycare - Fredensborg

Thank you for an incredibly inspirational talk! We definitely can recommend your talk to other companies. I will also make sure to recommend you to as speaker for our other offices in Europe. Thanks again!

Cecilia Ståhle, Head of Customer Operations, Ikano Bank

About 200 employees from DSB Customer Center are facing a huge transformation, where we among other things are implementing a new IT system, which will contribute to higher efficiency and better customer experiences. This means that all employees of DSB Customerservice are facing major changes next year, in regards to our work process. Therefore we decided that employees and managers in our Customer Center, had to have an injection of energy, courage and inspiration, so we held a Kickoff to this demanding transformation that will require that we all move outside our comfort zone.
For this task we chose inspirational speaker Hardeep, who have personal experience of what it takes to achieve very ambitious goals and dreams.
Hardeep delivered a fantastic performance with his original, lively and inspiring manner that featured rap, humor and examples from Hardeeps own life, combined with specific methods of how DSB Customer Center could move towards new heights. Hardeeps very personal messages, has led us all to reflect on the thought patterns that restrict us in our development, both at work and at home. Thanks for a really good lecture, Hardeep! We are still talking about the
inspiration you have given DSB. I strongly recommend other companies to use Hardeep as a inspirational speaker, for example in connection with transformations or just as a proper dose of energy and motivation.

Jörg van den Berk, Director
Lasse Oksbjerg, Head of customer service
We had the pleasure of experiencing Hardeep at our IT department where we are focusing on the theme “Change and transformation”. Hardeep touched us all in our heart with his message and positive energy. Hardeep is incredibly passionate and inspiring and is really good at spicing serious messages with both humor and warmth. Everyone of us went home that day with an energy boost and some fine nuggets for reflection about our potential and development opportunities.
I can highly recommend Hardeep as inspirational speaker and motivator.
Tine Thorn, IT Director - Skandia

Thank you for  a strong inspirational lecture. After your lecture the entire team has become extremely motivated and has gotten an even greater sense of responsibility. Your lecture has made management and employees even more focused and aware of how the individual’s contributions are linked to the larger picture. It is extremely important for an entrepreneur company like ours that we are dedicated every day. Your lecture was just the energy charge we needed during busy time before the launch of our product. It is an experience that has inspired the entire company. We look forward to your next visit and we will definitely recommend your motivation and inspiration to our network.

Jonas Gyalokay, CEO and Partner, AIRTAME

Hardeep has a unique ability to hit people in the heart and inspire them to fight for their goals. He is passionate and transfers his own passion and energy into the audience. Hardeeps lecture is a super experience for any kind of business event. I give Hardeep my strongest recommendation.

Nicklas North Bergh, CEO, John Henric AB

I can only encourage everyone to use Hardeep as a motivational speaker and / or coach. He is a truly inspirational human being. Hardeep is simply Denmark’s most motivational speaker!

Peter Hauge Jensen, Managing Director 3 x 34

If you’re like the 95% of us, you’ll leave the room with a million thoughts. Thoughts that will challenge you in terms on how, on what and with whom you spend your life. No matter in your private- or corporate life. Are you lucky to be among the remaining 5% – don’t book Hardeep. You’ve got it. The meaning of it all.

Anders Mau Kristiansen, Commercial Excellence Manager, Nilfisk Advanced

Hardeep speak from the heart. He touched my heart with his ability to speak to our innermost desires and ambitions. He motivates and inspires people to take advantage of life’s many possibilities.

Oskar Singha , Price Waterhouse Coopers

It was truly an amazing experience to see Hardeep and hear his story.We could definitely use a similar presentation on a future occasion.

Lene Brønnum Henriksen , HR Consultant Lemvigh -Müller

Great Big thanks to Hardeep , who with his personal story has been Powerjobsøgernes role model. Hardeep speaks with great empathy and passion and you feel his words so strongly that emotions affect you deep down in your soul. Hardeep has personally demonstrated how patience and perseverance has given him super powers that he inspires and motivates thousands others with. Powerjobsøgerne can highly recommend investing in the Hardeep offer. Before Hardeeps presentation we were spectators – now we are players on the field. You don’t get what you want, but what you are. We are so excited that we have booked Hardeep again and are very much looking forward to hearing him again at Powerjobsøgernes next event.

Pia Rasmussen, Event Coordinator Powerjobsøgerne

It is an honor to work with Hardeep, who motivates and sees the potential in everyone. Hardeep speaks in a powerful way on goals and the desire and sacrifice needed to achieve them. He makes the audience completely focused. He is so passionate about helping others, you actually just want to jump out and change your life immediately.

Christopher Hansen, Co-founder and Chairman Tycoons Business Network